Sunday 5 February 2012

Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth

Finished February 5
Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth written by Jane O'Connor, illustrations by Robin Preiss Glasser
Picked this up at OLA Superconference. This book will be released in late April and is the next step for all those kids who loved Fancy Nancy. She's got a bit older and is having some adventures at school. She loves Nancy Drew and wants to prove her detective skills, but lacks a mystery. That wish leads to more than one mystery and she finds that listening, observing, and using her powers of deduction go a long way. Her partner in sleuthing is her best friend Bree, and she plays a great older sister to JoJo. From the dress (a pink trenchcoat) to the methodology, Nancy soon has the detective work down pat.
I have a young girl I know that I'll try this out on and see what she thinks.

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  1. Let us know, Shonna. My wife's niece might really like this series!