Wednesday 12 May 2010

Teen Read

Finished May 10
Taken by Norah McClintock
Stephanie lives in a small town, and two girls in the area near the town have disappeared lately. There is talk around a serial killer. Stephanie is having issues with her mother over her mother's new boyfriend. She has run away a couple of times lately. But one night, Stephanie is herself kidnapped. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself bound and alone. As she struggles to survive both physically and mentally, she falls back on the strengths she has been taught, and forces herself to keep going. But with little idea of where she is and no food or shelter she will have to push herself to keep going.
Taut and edgy, this novel will appeal to teens that like a realistic action story. Stephanie is a strong character, and she grows during the course of this book. A good read.

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