Sunday 9 May 2010

Engaging Read

Finished May 7
Crow Road by Iain Banks
I've had this book by my bedside reading it slowly for a while. It's a long one, but very engaging. The main character here is Prentice, a young man at university in Scotland. We follow his relationship with his father and the stubbornness of both. We see his fascination for his uncle Rory who disappeared years before. We see his trials and tribulations in his love life. As the book progresses, so does Prentice. He learns about himself, his feelings, and his family. Centered around the small community in Scotland that he grew up in, there is a core of characters, family and friends who all play roles.
While there is a bit of a mystery here around the uncle, this book is really more of a coming of age story, as Prentice grows from a boy to a man. A great read, with a good plot and lots of character development.

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  1. This is number 2 for the Chunkster Challenge. So 2 left to go.