Sunday 9 May 2010

Short Collection

Finished May 8
On the Art of Making Up One's Mind by Jerome K. Jerome
This short collection is part of a new series of books "on ..." These essays were originally published in 1898 as The Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow. The author had already made a name for himself as a literary figure of the time. The meditations here are both subtly humourous and insightful.
Joseph Connolly has written a very good foreword giving us the background of the author, and the environment in which this was written.
The collection includes 5 writings: On the Art of Making Up One's Mind; On the Disadvantage of Not Getting What One Wants; On the Exceptional Merit Attaching to the Things We Meant to Do; On the Time Wasted in Looking Before One Leaps; and One the Inadvisability of Following Advice.
I kept this in my purse, reading it while waiting for various things. It always put a smile on my face.

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