Monday 24 March 2008

Mysteries, Old and New

Finished March 21
Cover Her Face by P.D. James
Somehow, even though this book came out decades ago, I never read it until now. I've read other books by James, and enjoyed them. So when I saw this on the library shelves, I knew I'd better grab it. Here Dagliesh is called in to the murder of a young woman, Sally Jupp. Jupp was working as a maid in the house where she was killed. She had been recommended by the local home for unmarried mothers. She had a small child and was well-educated, but her attitude was now always one of submission. She like to challenge other people's feelings toward her. Her death appears to be by strangulation, but her cocoa had also been tampered with. As Dagliesh digs through all Jupp's personal entanglements, he finds the truth of her situation and how her actions led to her demise. A great read.

Finished March 23
This Night's Foul Work by Fred Vargas
This is the latest Commissaire Adamsberg mystery by Vargas and it involves Adamsberg's strange thought processes even more thoroughly than previous ones. His relationship with Camille has changed to one of friendship, although he still wants more. Danglard runs interference between him and the rest of his team. He has a feeling about the two bodies recently found killed, sure that they are not drug-related despite the injection wounds found on each body. The pathologist supports his belief and points him in the direction of a previous murderer who has escaped from prison. As Adamsberg gets drawn into events in Normandy, where he has gone to accompany Camille to a concert, he wonders whether there is a relationship to the case back in Paris. He is also worried about the newest addition to his team, a man his own age, who is from the next valley over to the one Adamsberg grew up in. He is not sure why the man has joined his team and what the man may be planning. As Adamsberg's team argues about his direction and again protects him, as well as each other, from the shades that haunt them, Adamsberg finds the explanation for the murders, but not for his personal situation.
I look forward to the next one already!

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  1. I really like P.D. James. I've only read a couple of her books so far, including the one you mention, but I was quite impressed with her writing and characterizations. I am glad to hear you enjoyed it as well!

    I'm not familiar with Fred Vargas at all, but I can see that I should be. This Night's Foul Work sounds really good. Thanks for the great reviews!