Sunday 30 March 2008

Charming Memoir

Finished March 28
Truck: A Love Story by Michael Perry
This memoir is structured loosely around the rebuilding of a 1951 International pickup truck. Michael had the truck for a long time before he undertook the restoration with the significant assistance of his brother-in-law Mark. Over the year that this memoir covers, not only is the story of the truck covered, but also the story of Michael's life including his new relationship with Anneliese and her daughter Amy. He covers his house and garden, his volunteer firefighting, his writing (including book tours), and his familyand friends.
Perry has a great sense of humour and is self-deprecating when it comes to his own failings. This book is touching, honest and open. We get a real look, not just a glimpse into his life.
I was drawn to the book initially because my grandfather had an old International, but the book offered so much more. I also kept finding myself thinking how much my father would enjoy this book and I will be sharing my copy with him now that I am finished.

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