Saturday, 1 March 2008

Fun Fiction

Finished March 1
Solos by Kitty Burns Florey
This is a fun story set in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn (zip code 11211) featuring the word-loving woman, Emily Lime. As you may have noticed, Emily's name is a palindrome and more of these and other word play instances abound. That is part of what makes it all fun. Emily has a dog, Otto, and a bird, Izzy. As we learn about Emily's life, her professions (gardening assistant and photographer), her friends in the neighborhood, and how she came to be where she is in her life, we also come to see the neighborhood itself. Emily just scrapes by financially, but has a rich life with friends, animals and her interest in the world she lives in.
One of Emily's friends is Marcus Mead, dog-walker and fellow word afficiando. Marcus's father is Emily's ex-husband and Marcus is aware of this, but doesn't think Emily is. When Marcus's father, Hart, offers Marcus money to kill Emily, Marcus must puzzle out what this is all about.
Wonderful characters, a neighborhood come alive, and personable pets. A great, entertaining read.

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