Monday 17 March 2008

Italian Mystery

Finished March 17
The Garden of Evil by David Hewson
Like all of Hewson's mysteries in the series featuring Nic Costa of the Roman police, there is lots of art, in this case Caraveggio. There is also the Catholic Church, here in the guise of Sister Agata Graziano. When a previously unknown Caraveggio is found at the scene of a murder, questions are raised as to the authenticity of the work as well as its relation to the murder and its perpetrator. The police have suspects, but their hands have been tied by the influence, connections, and wealth of one suspect. As Nic becomes personally involved in the case, and guided by Agata, into the world of Caraveggio, he finds himself drawn into Caraveggio's world and his actions. The premise behind the "hand-tying" of the police seemed a bit out there to me, but the rest was a great read, with a glimpse into the world of present-day Romans.

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