Monday 7 January 2008

Thriller in New York City

Finished January 5
Precious Blood by Jonathan Hayes
This book starts with a vicious murder. A young woman is killed and hung upside down on a wall of her apartment, while the killer covers himself in her blood. The woman's roommate barely manages to escape after hiding from the killer during his actions.
Edward Jenner, former medical examiner for the city, is called by the father of the victim to take a look at the case for him. Jenner had left his job a few months after 9-11 when he couldn't recover from the mass cases they had to deal with. When Jenner agrees to take care of the roommate for his friend, her uncle, who is out of the country, he finds himself drawn further into the case. When his research leads him to an earlier death and both bodies have strange writing on them, the case leads to religious books as well.
This is a violent book, but fascinating plot makes it a good read.

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