Thursday 3 January 2008

A Disturbing Thriller

Finished January 2
Pig Island by Mo Hayder
This was the first book I have read by this author and she is a very good writer.
Here the journalist Joe Oakes has made his career by exposing supernatural hoaxes all over the world. This interest of his began as a young man when a loved aunt was convinced by a charlatan to forego traditional medical treatment for her cancer and use his meditative methods instead. She died in agony. Joe and his cousin Finn set out to find the man and expose him, and though Finn lost interest, Joe finally wrote about him. The man, Malachi Dove swore that Joe would be sorry and that when he died it would be after running rings around Joe. It is now twenty years later and Joe has been given the opportunity to visit the island where Dove and his followers have holed up. There have been strange sightings of what looks like a cross between a man and a beast on the island and Joe is determined to get to the bottom of it. Joe's wife is trying to both hold onto him and get closer to a doctor she is enamoured of. As they move closer to the truth, Joe is no longer sure of anything.
This book was scary not from the gore, although there was lots of that, but from the manipulation and psychological goings on.

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  1. I read The Devil of Nanking by Mo Hayder awhile ago and knew from the first page I would be reading more by this author. I've yet to do so, but I definitely still want to. This one sounds like a good one as well. Thank you for the great review!