Friday, 11 January 2008

Second in a series

Finished January 10
The Snake Stone by Jason Goodwin
As the subtitle indicates, investigator Yashim returns. For those of you who haven't read the first book in this series, The Janissary Tree, I highly recommend it. (It's not just me, it won an Edgar!) Yashim is a eunuch, previously part of the sultan's household who was granted his freedom many years ago. He still has a good relationship with the Valide Sultan (mother of the sultan) and visits her. The sultan has moved out of Topkapi Palace to his new palace, Besiktas, but many things still center on Topkapi and the Sultanhamnet area.
Yashim's vegetable seller friend has been attacked and badly injured. Shortly thereafter, the bookseller that he often goes to is killed. When a Frenchman who has befriended Yashim is found dead, Yashim investigates what is going on as a defence of having the blame resting on him. He consults with his friend, the Polish ambassador, Palewski and finds that his household is also involved in what is happening.
This is a great story, every bit as good as the first book, and again has a bit of a romance present. Yashim's friends are varied and interesting and many make their appearance again here.

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