Wednesday 2 January 2008

British Fiction

Finished December 31
Arlington Park by Rachel Cusk
This book is set over a single day in Arlington Park, a suburb of London. The men work, many of them in London, and the women look after children and may work part-time. This follows the lives of several women whose lives interconnect, and shows how they think and feel and behave. It starts with Juliet, a part-time teacher who feels a slave to her children and husband. Also included are Amanda who does housework obsessively and feels utterly alone; Solly, who has foreign lodgers that infuse her with feelings that she hadn't acknowledged before; Maisie, who has begun to notice the loss of the sense of direction and purpose to her life; and Christine, who has aspired to the life she now has and yet feels undone by it still.
This is a fascinating book of how our realities don't always live up to our dreams and how the struggles of everyday life are influenced by our mindset and supports.

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