Saturday 31 December 2016

Tumbledown Manor

Finished December 24
Tumbledown Manor by Helen Brown

This light novel begins in New York City where Lisa Trumperton is having a significant birthday. But when a gift of flowers arrives, she discovers that her husband of many years has been having an affair, and her life is changed forever. Lisa is a writer, and is struggling as she writes a second book in a planned series. Her marriage breakdown doesn't help matters.
She decides to return to her birth country of Australia to put herself in a new environment. She initially stays with her sister in Melbourne, but quickly begins looking for a house of her own. When she finds that the home her grandfather grew up in, an estate a couple hours away, is for sale, she can't resist buying it.
As she tackles the massive renovations needed at the manor and settles into the community, she discovers herself all over again.
This is a story of love, of friendship, and of self renewal. Inspired by the author's observations of friends who underwent midlife changes, this book looks with optimism to a fresh start and an acceptance of others as they are.
There are many minor plots here including the stories of Lisa's two children and the reality of her grandfather's life choices. I found it a fun and refreshing read.

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