Thursday 31 December 2015

We Were Brothers

Finished December 31
We Were Brothers by Barry Moser

This memoir outlines Barry`s difficult relationship with his older brother Tommy. The boys father died when they were very young and they were brought up by their mother and stepfather in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The environment was one of racial segregation and while Barry began questioning it after witnessing a reaction to a KKK parade down his street, Tommy wasn`t present and gave Barry the impression that his attitude was more in line with the environment they`d been raised in.
Barry made a life for himself in the north, and Tommy and him continued to grow apart. It is only in the last few years they had together that they managed to bridge their differences and grow close.
This is a story of a certain time and place, and Barry takes us through the immediate family members, friends, school days, and his own defining moments, It is a story of brothers, never close as children, with a divisive history, that found their way to a better relationship later in life.
Barry acknowledges that this is his memoir, based on his memories, and that other people present, including his brother would have a different story.
Throughout the book are drawing of people and placed by Barry.

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