Sunday 6 December 2015

Once Upon a Line

Finished December 5
Once Upon a Line by Wallace Edwards

This picture book offers children the chance to use their imaginations to take stories to the next step. The book starts with the premise that a trunk in the attic contains a number of paintings all begun from the same initial line drawn by a special pen. A key at the back of the book shows the line that all the images here began with.
The images a rich in detail and use lots of colour. Each image is accompanied by a sentence that begins with the words "Once upon a line..." and a second sentence that is unfinished, leaving the reader to fill in their own words and continue the story in whatever direction pleases them. The images are varied, and some suggest the next words, while others are more uncertain.
This is a great addition to a child's bookshelf, and one that will appeal to kid's from JK up.
The author/illustrator is Canadian and a graduate of OCAD. Other books of his have won a variety of awards from the GG to CLA.

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