Tuesday 15 December 2015

Clockwork Princess

Finished December 15
Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

This is the third book and final book in her The Infernal Devices series. It continues the story of Tessa Gray as she and the London Institute Shadowhunters continue to fight against Mortmain (aka the Magister) as he tries to take revenge for what was done to his adoptive parents. Tessa and Charlotte separately learn the truth about Tessa's parentage and thus her real nature.
This also continues the story of Cecily, Will's younger sister, as she also discovers her calling as a Shadowhunter. The Lightwood brothers, Gideon and Gabriel, appear more fully, and we see their characters develop. We see more of both Charlotte and Henry as well.
There is much here that feeds into the other modern-day series about Shadowhunters, and we see how things began, and how history led to modern-day situations.
At the heart of this book is Tessa and her love for peace, for Jem, and for Will. Jem and Will have a bond as parabatai that is stronger than many family relationships, and it sustains them through much pain.
There is also a lesser theme about women's abilities that appears, certainly as part of the time it was set in, but beyond as well.
It is hard to write about this book without giving too much away, but I was pleased with the way things worked out here.

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