Wednesday 17 June 2015

Island Girls

Finished June 15
Island Girls by Nancy Thayer

This perfect summer read. Boston resident and Nantucket real estate agent Rory Randall has recently died, and a surprise clause in his will leaves his Nantucket vacation home to his three daughters from different marriages, provided they live there together for summer.
The oldest, Arden, is a successful TV show host in Boston, doing a show about decluttering. She is feeling threatened by a new younger colleague and hopes to use the summer on the island to make some new contacts and prove her worth to the station's managers.
Meg is a professor at a Boston college, with a strong belief in helping people succeed, a writing project to work on for the summer, and a lack of self confidence in her personal life. A younger colleague has shown interest in being more than a friend, but Meg doesn't feel confident to take the chance on real love.
Jenny already lives on the island, has been living in the Nantucket house for years, running a successful computer company with both local and off-island clients. She has recently ended a relationship and has a big local project beginning that she is working on with another computer company entrepreneur.
The girls haven't spent much time together since the summer that an incident occurred that resulted in Arden and Meg being banned from the vacation home at Jenny's mother's insistence.
Spending time together will give them a chance to get to know each other as adults, and deal with the long ago family rift.
The women are all successful in their own ways, all distrustful of men after watching Rory's charm with women, and all a bit lonely for family.
We see not only these women, but their mothers, and how they came to where they are now. A feel-good novel with a touch of romance.

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