Monday 15 June 2015

Haunted by the Earl's Touch

Finished June 13
Haunted by the Earl's Touch by Ann Lethbridge

Picked up this Regency romance after meeting the author and found it a fun read. Bane Beresford arrived at Beresford Abbey just in time to watch his grandfather die. The grandfather who had denied him, who had wished that he didn't exist. But Bane will be the next Earl, his two cousins both younger than him, though more traditionally brought up. Also attending the old Earl's last moments are Bane's aunt Mrs. Hampton, and her son his cousin Gerald, as well as his cousin Jeffrey, a fashionable man about town. And a young woman, who Bane cannot place. She turns out to be a woman whose upbringing was supported by the old Earl, and who he has now left a fortune, provided she marry within a certain time period. Bane doesn't like being manipulated, but he finds himself drawn to Mary, even more so once he begins to see that she is more than a pretty face.
But the Abbey has its secrets, and the new Earl and his ward find themselves fighting for more than love or money.
A fast-moving tale of romance and suspense, this book will keep you turning the pages.

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