Sunday 7 June 2015

Arsène Schrauwen

Finished June 6

Arsène Schrauwen by Olivier Schrauwen

This graphic novel tells the story of a period in the life of the author's grandfather. He left Belgium to go to an unnamed tropical Belgian colony where he joined a cousin of his.
On the way over by ship, he met a strange older man who warned him of various dangers associated with the country he was going to. These warning stuck with him and he adjusted his behaviour to a radical degree to avoid these dangers.
His cousin had an idea for a planned ideal community that would be build out by itself, and when his cousin had a medical emergency, Arsène was asked to take the lead on the trip with all the construction team to the chosen location and get things going. Arsène was drawn to his cousin's wife, whose father was funding the project, and fantasized about her.
The trip was not an easy one and Arsène encountered many of the dangers he was warned of along the way, but managed to avoid any long-term effects. 
Warning: contains graphic sexual content.

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