Sunday 14 June 2015


Finished June 13
Here by Richard McGuire
This book is about a space. The space is often a room in a house, a living room, but sometimes we see what it was before it was a house, or before white settlers came, or before man was there at all, or we see it after it wasn't a house anymore, 
We see the interactions of people, of nature, of animals. We see the similarities across time, and the differences. It is a house for more than a hundred years and in that time we see many people who lived in it, visited it, expressed their emotions, relaxed, fought, celebrated and grieved. 
The drawing show sometimes just one time period, sometimes more on the same page. When more are shown, we often see themes, nuances of meaning and more obvious themes across time, with similar conversations or actions. 
Here is one example of a double page image in the book so you get an idea of the content.

There is a great review at Harper's.
I loved it. and wanted to spend more time going back and forth, looking more closely at each image, finding the depth of meaning contained in it. 

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