Saturday 7 February 2015

Shoot the Lawyer Twice

Finished February 7
Shoot the Lawyer Twice by Michael A Bowen

This mystery is a complex scenario, Central to the plot is an accusation of attempted rape by a young woman of a man who was on her boat on the Fourth of July. The young woman is wealthy, studying engineering at college, a knowledgeable machinist and still mourning the loss of her father a couple of years after his death. Other tangential stories are a university professor looking to write a corporate history about a local business, a novelist looking for a leak of information and a supposed find of a historic document involving a pope.
Melissa is an English professor at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and her husband Rep is a copyright lawyer. They both get drawn into the story. Rep is renting an office in the law firm defending the young man accused of rape. Melissa has had dealings with the professor.
As the story progresses, other people turn up dead, there are several threats, a robbery, lots of accusations, and a re-examining of the Catholic Church by Melissa.
A very interesting plot that was nicely built up. Interesting characters both major and minor. A good read.

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