Wednesday 25 February 2015

Heir of the Dog

Finished February 22
Heir of the Dog by Judi McCoy

This is the second book in a series featuring dog walker Ellie Engleman. Ellie is a divorced woman who has a special relationship with dogs, able to "hear" what they are thinking. Her dog Rudy has led her to the body of a homeless man they had befriended, and the detective on the case seems to think of Ellie as a suspect. Lucky for her that Detective Sam Ryder, whom she had a brief relationship with, steps in to give her support.
It has turned out the the man who died, while living the life of a homeless man, was actually quite rich, and he has left everything to Ellie's dog Rudy, with Ellie as the executor. He also left a note all but accusing his brother if something happens to him, and asking Ellie to find the truth. So while Sam tries to protect her, assist her, and convince her to let the police handle things, Ellie finds herself following all clues to get to the heart of the man who cared so much about Rudy and her friendship.
An interesting, light-hearted mystery with a touch of romance.

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