Friday 27 February 2015


Finished February 26
Remembrance: a story by Alistair MacLeod

This is MacLeod's last published story, and was produced as a commissioned work for the Vancouver Writers Fest.
This story is told in four chapters, the first three in third person and the last one in first person. The first person in the last chapter is the narrator throughout. The story is about three generations of men, and particularly of the older generation. The oldest of these men is a man who went to war to try to support his growing family. Marriage had been a bit of a surprise to him and he recognized that he wasn't able to support his wife and children as he wanted, so he signed up so that she would receive his pay. The results of that action, his war activities, her actions while he was away, what they did when he returned and how everything came from that is their story.
Simply told, poignant yet straightforward, this story is a prime example of the great skill at storytelling that Alistair MacLeod had.

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