Wednesday 4 February 2015

Culture Without Accountability

Finished February 3
Culture Without Accountability by Julie Miller and Brian Bedford

This book looks at accountability starting with a well-written definition of accountability that applies to both business and personal interactions. The authors give real-life examples of what accountability done well looks like, and what the lack of accountability can lead to.
They show the connection between accountability and culture, and outline the 4 necessary elements to create a culture with true accountability.
As they clearly show, it is even more likely in today's world of constant monitoring and instant communication that denials of the truth will come out eventually. But while this is a good reason to follow the course to accountability, it isn't the only one. The benefits of a culture of accountability on an organization are shown, and the personal reasons why accountability would be a goal are laid out.
All in all, a good, easy-to-understand guide to gaining accountability for yourself and your organization are here. The hard part is doing it, at least at first. But it becomes more and more natural as it becomes a true part of your character and your organization's culture.
The cover acronym WTF stands for What's The Fix, and this acronym is used to stand for a variety of phrases in this book. While it may draw your attention, I really found it the one jarring element of the book, tasteless and unnecessary.

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