Wednesday 31 December 2014

Eclectic Reader Challenge 2014 Wrap-Up Post

Eclectic Reader Challenge Wrap-Up Post 

This was a new challenge for me, but I think I read pretty broadly so I thought it should be quite doable. I was wrong. I missed two categories. 

Here is the info about it.
In it’s third year, the aim of The Eclectic Reader 2014 Challenge is to push you outside your comfort zone by reading up to 12 books during the year from 12 different categories.

The challenge ran from January 1st to December 31st 2014.

  • Select, read and review a book from each genre listed below during the year for a total of 12 books. A book may be in print, electronic or audio format.
*  You can choose your books as you go or create a list in advance. You may combine this challenge with others if you wish.
*  Where a book is identified by more than one genre eg historical romance, it may only count for either the historical fiction or romantic fiction genres – not both.
*  You can read your chosen titles in any order, at any pace, just complete the challenge by December 31st 2014 to be eligible for the prize drawing.


1. Award Winning
     Heat and Dust by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. Finished January 30
2. True Crime (Non Fiction)
     The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by Alison Hoover Bartlett. Finished January 22.
3. Romantic Comedy
     Fish Change Direction in Cold Weather by Pierre Szalowski. Finished July 30 or
     The Beaux' Stratagem by George Farquhar. Finished August 11
4. Alternate History Fiction
     Burning Paradise by Robert Charles Wilson. Finished February 10
5. Graphic Novel
     Sand Castle by Frederik Peeters and Pierre Oscar Levy. Finished May 21
6. Cosy Mystery Fiction
     Stitch Me Deadly by Amanda Lee. Finished May 29
7. Gothic Fiction
     Nothing for this category.
8. War/Military Fiction
     Kid Soldier by Jennifer Maruno. Finished February 3
9. Anthology
     The Best American Essays 2013, edited by Cheryl Strayed. Finished August 19
10. Medical Thriller Fiction
     Nothing for this category.
11. Travel (Non Fiction)
     The 8.55 to Baghdad by Andrew Eames. Finished April 17
12. Published in 2014
     Murder Strikes a Pose by Tracy Weber. Finished March 30

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