Sunday 25 May 2014

Vanishing Wildlife

Finished May 23
Vanishing Wildlife: a sound guide to Britain's endangered species from the British Library Sound Archives

This recording collects sounds from 31 different wildlife species, letting the listener experience the noises they may never be able to listen to in the wild.
Sounds included her are: Captercaillie, Scottish Crossbill; Red Squirrel; Scottish Wildcat; Pine Marten; Black Grouse; Hen Harrier; Woodlark; Nightjar; Stone Curlew; Red-backed Shrike; Adder; Natterjack Toad; Wryneck; New Forest Cicada; Bittern; Marsh Warbler; Black tailed Godwit; Otter; Pool Frog; Mole Cricket; Noctule Bat; Pipistrelle Bat; White-tailed Sea Eagle; Roseate Tern; Greater Horseshoe Bat; Corncrake; Quail; Cirl Bunting; Wart-biter; and Field Cricket.
I really liked the bats, trying to think how to describe the sounds they make the best I could come up with was a kind of damp squeaking.
The nightjar noise would give me a headache if it went on much longer than it did here, but most of the other birds were very pleasant to listen to, inducing a feeling of pleasure and stress release.
Some noises were surprising, others what you would expect.
This is a lovely and unique collection for any animal lover.

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