Wednesday 14 May 2014

Mystery in the Sand

Finished May 13
Mystery in the Sand by Gertrude Chandler Warner, narrated by Aimee Lilly

This is the sixteenth in a series featuring the four Alden siblings, Violet, Jessie, Benny, and Henry. They are staying in a mobile home on the beach while their aunt and uncle, who own it, are away travelling. On their first morning they befriend an older man, Mr. Lee, walking on the beach with his dog, and discover that the strange object he carries is a metal detector.
When Mr. Lee allows Benny to try the device, he discovers a locket, and the children try to find the owner using clues the locket provides. This information leads them to a unique home in the town, where a reclusive woman named Mrs. Smith lives.
This book covers issues such as rumours and prejudice, with an emphasis on looking for facts rather than making decisions based on gossip.
The children respect each other and others they meet, cleanup after themselves, and work together to get things done. While their behaviour is somewhat formal at times, this is a pleasant read.

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