Thursday 8 May 2014

Time and Project Management Strategies for Librarians

Finished May 8
Time and Project Management Strategies for Librarians edited by Carol Smallwood, Jason Kuhl, and Lisa Fraser

This collection of articles offers several useful tips for becoming more effective, productive, and organized.
Information that I found particularly useful dealt with core competencies (taking a hard look at what you need people to know and do), management strategies (how to best train and direct staff and tasks), reference services (how to help adjust to changing services), project charts (taking a big picture approach to projects in the organization), time management (setting aside blocks of time for specific tasks), to do list software (I'm trying one that I like and it is looking good so far), email management (using the power of the email tool I already have), asynchronous collaboration (getting rid of some of the barriers around working with others, especially those in different locations).
There's something here for pretty much everyone, and every type of library. A great professional resource.


  1. the library I volunteer in is so small, I mean really, but thank you for the tip.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Project management helps managers to efficiently carry on their tasks efficiently and effectively.

    I like Replicon's time management software - as compared to similar tools such as Toggl and Freshbooks because of its easy calendar view interface. Also, it can be accessed from anywhere just using a web browser. It can be used with Quickbooks and can be used as an integrated suite.

  3. Thanks for the tip Tina. I'm trying Todoist and liking it so far. I can access it from anywhere, including my phone so that works nicely.