Friday 14 December 2012

Tell The Wolves I'm Home

Finished December 13
Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carla Rifka Brunt, read by Amy Rubinate

This was a wonderful book to listen to, with Rubinate's voice perfect for the young narrator June Elbus. June is 14 years old and it is 1987. June feels gawky and her best friend is her uncle Finn, a renowned New York painter who is dying from AIDS.
June's mother has her own issues around her brother and June's older sister Greta seems to have grown mean and unfriendly to June. June has fantasies of living in medieval times, and becoming a falconer, and one of her favourite places to go is the Cloisters. Finn has always understood June and she feels his loss keenly, but his death brings someone new into her life.
This new relationship gradually gives June new insight into her family and why they behave the way they do. In this book June changes significantly, from a child into a young adult, and her open on the world and the people around her. We see that nothing is as simply as it seems and Greta's attitude has its own explanation. A wonderful book.

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