Sunday 2 December 2012


Finished December 1
Criminal by Karin Slaughter, read by Kathleen Early

This thriller takes us back and forth between the present and the summer of 1975. It also brings together two characters from previous novels, GBI detective Will Trent, and doctor Sara Linton. In the present, Will and Sara are early in their relationship, still learning about each other. Will has been sidelined to less active duty very recently by his boss Amanda Wagner, and when a college student goes missing he wonders why he isn't on the case. When he discovers there is a link to his own past, he must go through heartache and self-doubt as he faces his demons.
In 1975, Amanda is a young policewoman, facing discrimination and her own doubts in her career. When she and her partner Evelyn are sent to a housing project on what proves to be a false case, they learn about some missing women. They are intrigued by the case, despite being warned off by fellow officers, and are determined to get to the truth of the matter. The two women are tested to the extent of their ability, and put themselves in immense danger, but prove themselves as police officers in a way that changes their workplace.
This is a tale of social history, self-knowledge, and friendship.
A wonderful book, with so much more than just a good thriller case.

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