Tuesday 25 December 2012


Finished December 24
Juliet by Anne Fortier

I had a copy of this on my shelf and my niece asked for it for Christmas, so I told everyone to hold off as I'd just pass on my copy (not as part of her present). But I had to read it first, so I squeaked in under the wire.
Julia is a young woman who discovers that her past is different than she's been told. When her Aunt Rose dies, she goes off to Italy to discover what her mother's legacy really was.
She is befriended by a woman she meets on the plane, and helped to find her way around Sienna. When she meets the woman's godson, things don't go as smoothly, and she isn't sure what to think of Alessandro. Danger seems to be stalking her, and she isn't sure who to trust.
What she finds is a link back to the original Romeo and Juliet, a story she's been fascinated with all her life. In the papers she finds, she reads about the original lovers back in 1340, and is intrigued. As she follows the clues, others seem to be following her.
A story with intrigue, danger and mystery, and romance. Will Romeo and Juliet's story end better this time round, or will the curse continue.

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