Sunday 30 December 2012

Chanda's Wars

Finished December 30

Chanda's Wars by Allan Stratton

This novel is for older children and younger teens. It is set in a fictional African country and covers many issues from child soldiers to AIDs to cultural change. Chanda is a young woman forced to become the mother to her two younger siblings due to her mother`s death from AIDs. She resents the way the rest of her family back in the village treated her mother, but a series of recurring nightmares and the advice of those she trusts lead her to make up the rift and take the children back to the village for a visit and to meet the rest of the family. But the family has plans she hadn`t expected and when the rebel army comes closer than expected, Chanda must use all her knowledge to team up with a friend and try to rescue the children from their kidnappers. 
Inspired by the wars in Africa, and child soldiers, along with the spread of AIDS on that continent, this book would be a good book club choice with lots of discussion points. 

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