Saturday 21 April 2012

The Uninvited Guests

Finished April 21
The Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones

Wow, a great book, but totally unexpected (like the guests).
Its starts off as a drawing room comedy as the man of the house, resented by his stepchildren, goes off to try to obtain funding to save the house from creditors.
After he is gone things begin to happen. The day is Emerald's 20th birthday and the family and small staff prepare for a party as two out of town guests are expected. Much cleaning, cooking, etc is done.
When the guests arrive, so too do others, the apparent survivors of a terrible railway accident. They are disheveled and wanting assistance. The family bundles them into a room and ignores them for a time, but as the evening goes on, they become more insistent and can't be confined.
Another uninvited guest shows up that appears to be higher class, but he insinuates himself into the party and instigates unpleasant happenings.
A tale set in the early twentieth century, of class and manners that defies description. The host family is unusual and grows more so as the book goes on. With interesting characters and a remarkable plot, this is another success for Sadie Jones.


  1. this sounds like a thoroughly bizarre read. But interesting.

  2. Not bizarre, but very different. Sad, with a hopeful edge.