Friday 20 April 2012

Heart of a Killer

Finished April 18
Heart of a Killer by David Rosenfelt, read by Tadd Morgan

Jamie Wagner is a young lawyer working at a large law firm. He plugs away at the contract law he is working on, but isn't inspired and know he isn't going anywhere there.
When he gets assigned a pro bono case and goes to meet his client, a woman incarcerated for killing her husband seven years earlier, his life changes. Sheryl Harrison is the client and her fourteen-year-old daughter Karen has been diagnosed with a congenital heart condition that will end her young life soon if she doesn't get a new heart. She has a rare blood type and that makes the chances of a donor less likely. Sheryl is a perfect match and wants to find a way to give her daughter her heart.
Jamie knows they have little chance of getting a favourable ruling, but he begins the process anyway and soon finds his case all over the news. He also talks to some people about the murder Sheryl is in for and finds that there are some who don't think she did it, despite her confession. He decides their best chance is to get her out on parole and works on finding more evidence about the murder case before her upcoming parole hearing.
There is also a terrorist plot happening here, with someone threatening large scale disasters unless they get large sums of money. With some shows of power, they've got everyone from the FBI to Homeland Security looking for them.
Little does Jamie know it, but the two cases are related.
With lots of action, suspense and plot twists, this book is fast-paced. Some of the computer stuff had me needing to suspend disbelief, but otherwise an interesting book.


  1. I've read such differing reviews on this one. Thanks for your view.