Friday 6 April 2012

Life Is But a Dream

Finished April 5
Life Is But a Dream by Brian James
This teen novel is told from the point of view of 15-year-old Sabrina. She has alway had a good imagination, and until recently her parents encouraged her use of imagination and creativity. Her best friend has also been drawing away from Sabrina's stories and pictures, in favour of an interest in the opposite sex. But an incident at school, coming to light to the reader as the novel progresses, has resulted in Sabrina being sent for treatment in a youth mental health facility. Sabrina struggles with the sense of losing herself to become "normal", and yet also feels scared when faced with the real world.
When she encounters another troubled teen, Alec, she feels drawn to him, and becomes involved emotionally. As the two grow closer, Sabrina relies on Alec to support her dreams, while Alec doesn't entirely understand the issues Sabrina is facing.
This is an interesting novel around mental illness, society's attitudes, but mostly the internal struggle of a person dealing with their own illness. A wonderfully immersive novel of a troubling experience.

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