Saturday 28 April 2012

Promise Me This

Finished April 27
Promise Me This by Cathy Gohlke

In the early twentieth century, Owen Allen is determined to make a new life for himself and his younger sister Annie, away from the influence of their Aunt Eleanor. Eleanor is a woman so immersed in unhappiness she cannot bear others' good fortune, particularly her niece and nephew. Owen places Annie in a boarding school as he goes to America ahead of her to find a life with his late father's brother. Before he leaves he encounters young Michael, an orphan struggling against mistreatment and poverty and offers him kindness and income.
Michael is struck by Owen's attitude and drawn to him to the point where he follows Owen onto the ship, the Titanic, stowing away until Owen discovers him.
But a tragedy occurs and Michael is the only one of the two to make it to America. He is determined to fulfill Owen's legacy and bring Annie over to join the family, and the two begin to correspond. Annie's life is difficult and when the First World War begins, she finds herself forced to distance herself from those she loves to protect them. But Michael is determined to find her, even if it means risking his own life.
This is a tale of love, faith, and forgiveness that resonates. We see Annie and Michael grow up and discover their strengths and find faith to keep going.
With love, adventure, and troubled characters, this story will keep you turning the pages.

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