Monday 26 March 2012

Walking Backwards

Finished March 25
Walking Backwards: grant tours, minor visitations, miraculous journeys, and a few good meals by Mark Frutkin
This nonfiction books is a look back at ten cities Frutkin visited in the past (sometimes quite distant) and his experiences doing so. From the sixties to the recent past, this is a tale of adventures, enlightenment, getting lost and finding the unexpected. There is a wonderful lot about food (I started getting hungry) and culture.
A wonderful look at travel and its perks, by a great writer.
A favourite line: Paris is not a city of a thousand novels but is a single novel of incomparable complexity and depth, one with over two million characters.
I love to travel, and this made me want to rush out and buy tickets to somewhere, to revel in the experience again.

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