Sunday 4 March 2012

Eyes Like Leaves

Finished March 3
Eyes Like Leaves by Charles de Lint
This was an interesting read. de Lint actually wrote this book early in his career, but it wasn't published until now. He did an edit of it, but tried to remain true to the young man he was when he wrote it, which was interesting.
This novel is in a fantasy world and reminded me a bit of Le Guin's Earthsea.
There are many different peoples in the book, but the main struggle is for a balance in the world. The Summerlord has lost his staff and Everwinter is creeping over the world, looking to end summer, kill the Summerlord and all the Summerborn. Also, the Saramund are wreaking violence and destruction on the settlements in the lands. One mage is trying to fight against this evil, and he has taken on a couple of young men to learn the skills needed.
Strength comes from within, from one's "taw" a deep inner core of the self, and also from the magic of the earth itself. The world is an interesting one, as is the struggle, and seeing how the Summerborn react to each new challenge keeps you turning the pages. With elements of folklore as well as a complete world, this is fantasy that offers broad appeal.


  1. Besides the Canadian Reading challenge, this book will also count toward my Magical March challenge.

  2. I have actually never read de Lint or Le Guin. *hangs head in shame* I was never interested but recently I am more into fantasy so I need to pick one up!