Friday 16 March 2012

Big Bad Sheep

Finished March 15
Big Bad Sheep by Bettina Wegenast, illustrated by Katharina Busshoff
This is a cute children's book I picked up at a library conference this week. When the Three Little Pigs wander by the sheep, chanting "The Wolf is dead", one of the sheep wonders what he was like. Karl, who is a bit of a sheep troublemaker decides to apply for the job, and goes off with his friend Locke to the Job Office. He convinces the recruiter to let him do the job on probation and tries to really get into it.
This is an interesting read around taking on a persona. Putting on the wolf accoutrements gets Karl into the mindset of being a wolf, and he forgets his real identity. Locke is shocked and appalled at Karl and himself ventures outside his comfort zone to try to fix things.
I enjoyed the story and the idea of putting on an identity with putting on the skin of that identity and how the sheep come to terms with the results of this.
Aimed at ages 8-12, this is an imaginative story that takes a child beyond fairy tales to thinking about the characters.

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