Thursday 22 March 2012

The Disciple of Las Vegas

Finished March 21
The Disciple of Las Vegas by Ian Hamilton
This is the second book in the series featuring Ava Lee, the Toronto-based, Chinese-Canadian, martial arts expert, forensic accountant. The first was the Water Rat of Wanchai. Here we have Ava and her partner Uncle working for the richest man in the Philippines, Tommy Ordonoz.
The action takes Ava from the Philippines to Vancouver, San Francisco, London, and, of course, Las Vegas. Besides tracking down the largest money prize she's ever gone after, more than $50 million, Ava is also being targeted by a previous victim and there is a price on her head.
With fast moving action, some decidely unpleasant men on both sides of the financial situation, and some new friends, this book will keep you reading right until the end. I didn't go to bed until I finished it.

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