Tuesday 6 December 2011


Finished December 5
Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick
I love how writers can take nuggets of information and create wonderful stories from them. Selznick's love of film history plays a role here, as well as a long ago backstage tour of the American Museum of Natural History. Selznick's unique books with their combination of text and drawings captivate the reader and make the stories come to life. The drawings offer more than the story, there are hidden themes and inspirations here as well. The story is a good one in and of itself.
This is a great book to engage children in reading and give them interest in history and nature besides. Set both in the 1920s and 1977, this book shows how events link over time. The theme around deafness is also interesting, showing how society viewed this disability and treated its victims. I learned quite a bit myself, and will make a point of visiting the Panorama next time I go to New York City.
All-in-all a very cool book that will appeal to all ages.

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