Thursday 29 December 2011

Bride of New France

Finished December 28
Bride of New France by Suzanne Desrochers
This novel follows a young girl, Laure, from the Saltpêtrière Hospital in Paris, a orphanage, school and poorhouse, to the early town of Ville-Marie in New France. Laure was taken to the Saltpêtrière when she was very young, grabbed from the arms of her begging parents by the city's archers. She was lucky to be taken in by a sponsor, but now that lady has died and Laure is back in the Saltpêtrière being trained as a seamstress. She is luckier than most, as she can read and write and has skill with a needle, but when she displeasures the Mother Superior, she is sent to be a bride to the men of New France. She is among many others sent for this duty, but she feels very isolated. As she adjusts to life in the new world, she discovers things about herself and what she is willing to do to survive.
I can't say I really liked Laure, she always seems to think herself superior to the others, whether in Paris due to her sewing and lacemaking skills, or in the new world. But she is definitely a survivor and accepts what she must agree to in order to find a life for herself. She is still young when the book ends, and one hopes she finds herself a life she can enjoy in the future. The history was interesting.


  1. This sound like an interesting read, in regards to the historical significance. Was she perhaps one of the "kings daughters"? Hope this New Year finds you reading MORE wonderful books, you've certainly suggested many that I have enjoyed. Thank You. Have a Happy New Year.

  2. She was indeed one of the "king's daughters" Irene.
    I have many books stacked up to read, and I'm glad you've enjoyed some of the ones I've read. Have a Happy New Year too.

  3. I'll have to check this one out for sure, inspite of the fact that you didn't care for her. When we were on our lightning tour of Quebec City we learned about the Kings daughters, and I've been searching for some reading material on the subject. How did I not know this? I'll never know. Thanks

  4. I liked the book, just not the character that much. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.