Saturday 31 December 2011

Dead Man's Cove

Finished December 31
Dead Man's Cove by Lauren St John
This is the first book in a series featuring girl detective Laura Marlin. 11-year-old Laura has grown up in an orphanage, hoping for a home. When she is told an uncle exists and is offering her a home she is amazed, excited, and a little scared. Her uncle Calvin lives in St. Ives, and Laura adjusts quickly to life there. But there seem to be many secrets in town and Laura wants to know what is behind them.
What is going on with Tariq, the son of local shopkeepers? What does her uncle do, what is he hiding about his past, and where does he walk at night? Is the housekeeper up to something besides her wonderful cooking?
Laura is dedicated to detective work, and desperate for a friend.
A good mystery with interesting characters.


  1. yet another interesting one.

  2. Yes, I know some kids that love mystery, so I like to check out possibilities for them.