Monday, 5 September 2011

Sheilagh's Brush

Finished September 1
Sheilagh's Brush by Maura Hanrahan
This novel is set during the 1930s in a small fishing village in Newfoundland. It begins with young Sheilagh giving birth to her first child. She attended by a nurse from a nearby village, the local healer, her mother and younger sister. It is a difficult and painful birth. Sheilagh married young and feels close to her husband and child. She lives the life expected for young women in her community.
Her younger sister Claire sees a different life for herself. She stays close to their mother and then begins to assert her independence. As she sets her own course, we see the relationship between the sisters change and see how others in the community may not be the people we think them to be. Sheilagh's daughter is a watcher, who sees far more than others think and she takes it all in.
A good short novel giving a snapshot of a particular time and place.

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