Saturday, 17 September 2011

Buried Secrets

Finished September 15
Buried Secrets by Joseph Finder
This fast-paced thriller is set around Boston. Alexa Marcus, daughter of a billionaire, appears to have been kidnapped. Instead of the police, her father turns to a family friend, Nick Heller, who does detective work.
The father is sent a link to a live stream of Alexa pleading for her life. She gives clues that lead them to believe she has been buried alive.
Nick is ex-army Special Forces, and has many skills at his command. He also has contacts and friends in many places, including an ex-girlfriend who works for the local FBI. He doesn't believe in following rules.
Nick also thinks of Alexa as a little sister and is committed to finding her, whatever it takes.
He must work his way through lies and false trails by both sides, and find the truth.
The scenes with Alexa were compelling, and the action kept things moving throughout.
A good read.

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