Monday, 12 September 2011

One Bloody Thing After Another

Finished September 11
One Bloody Thing After Another by Joey Comeau
This is a short odd horror novel. It is funny, spooky, stomach-churning, and makes you care.
Jackie keeps track of trees that are important in her life. There is one for her first kiss, one for a car accident, etc. When one is cut down Jackie reacts in a distant, yet logical to her way. My favourite line in the book occurs when the police arrive: "That's embarrassing," Jackie says to him. "You both wore the same outfit today." It is Jackie's dead mother who assists in her escape.
Jackie's best friend is Ann. Ann and her sister Margaret have their own issues. Their mother is chained up in the basement and won't eat anything that already dead. The two girls struggle to find food for her.
Then there is Charlie. Charlie is an old man who doesn't particularly enjoy social interactions. He walks his elderly, none-too-bright dog Mitchie every day, putting up with the frequent stops and the attentions of children. As he returns to his apartment each day he is greeted by the ghost who leads him to another apartment where he has a conversation with Mrs. Richards.
There is much going on here, and sometimes its hard to grasp, but it all works out.
Horror isn't my usual genre of choice, but this was an  interesting and enjoyable read.


  1. I'd actually been planning just to sample this one (as one of the books that was nominated for this year's ReLit Awards) but I ended up going back to it the next day and finishing it. Delightfully creepy, and great characterization in such short order!

  2. I saw it on the ReLit Award list too! Delightfully creepy is a perfect description.