Friday 9 September 2011

61 Hours

Finished September 8
61 Hours by Lee Child, read by Dick Hill
I love the Jack Reacher novels, and this was no exception. Hill has the perfect voice for these books and adds to the ambience.
Here, Jack has got a ride on a bus that is touring seniors around South Dakota in the winter. When the bus crashes on the highway, the group is stranded near the small town of Bolton.
Bolton has a couple of situations. One is a recent murder. Another is the recent arrest of a drug dealer. Local police are protecting the witness.
There is a large jail just outside of town that has federal, state and county facilities. The Bolton police are backup for the jail in case of emergency (like riots or escapes).
As usual, this has a great story, lots of suspense, and great characters.
One of my favourite lines, that repeats several times in the book, was about one of the bad guys. "Because he was Plato, and they weren't".
I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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