Saturday, 31 July 2010

NYC Story

Finished July 31
Heroic Measures by Jill Ciment
This novel takes place over a few days in New York City. An older Jewish couple, Alex and Ruth, is looking at selling their coop as they are worried about the stairs to their 5th floor home becoming a problem for the future.
Their elderly dachshund, Dorothy, has suddenly lost control of her rear end, causing them to rush her to the animal hospital.
Alex and Ruth are worried about their dog, their home, their future, and Alex's artwork.
With a tanker stuck in the Midtown Tunnel and everyone talking about terrorism, the whole city seems to be worried about the future as well.
With people traipsing through their home and worry over the tunnel situation growing, Alex and Ruth's concern is centered on Dorothy and her chances of recovery.
We also see things from Dorothy's point of view.
I really enjoyed this look into the life of a couple and seeing their lives up close and personal. Learning about their past, and their friends, and seeing their relationship with each brought to life made this an excellent read, and I read it in one sitting.
Highly recommended.

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