Thursday, 1 July 2010

Aussie Mystery

Finished June 12
Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood
This is the first in the series featuring Phryne Fisher. This one has her just arriving in Melbourne, Australia from England. She was asked by an couple worried about their daughter's wellbeing to check into the situation, but plans to set herself up as a detective. On the voyage she has made friends with a female doctor, Dr. Macmillan, who is coming to be part of the staff of the new Queen Victoria hospital, a hospital for women.
The books are set after World War One, and Phryne is a very competent young woman, who drives well, pilots airplanes, and is capable of pretty much anything she sets her mind to. It is her knowledge of human behaviour and her powers of observation that make her a successful detective.
I'd read one of the later ones in this series and found it entertaining, so found it interesting to see how the series began. On her first day, Phryne witnesses a young woman who is considering drastic moves after being the object of a abusive employer. When Phryne takes a bit of revenge for her, the young woman, Dot, comes to work for Phryne. Phryne meets a Russian countess and her grandchildren who do innovative theatre and comes into contact with a world of drugs. She also hears about an incompetent and abusive abortionist from Dr. Macmillan and assists the police with that case.
She finds that two taxi drivers, Cec and Bert, and good allies and involves them in some of her activities.
There is lots going on here, but nothing that Phryne can't handle (even though she does make some bad decisions). A thoroughly enjoyable book, and one that made my vacation flight go more quickly.

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