Monday 12 July 2010

Doggy Read

Finished July 12
One Good Dog By Susan Wilson, read by Fred Berman and Rick Adamson
There are two voices in this novel: Adam March, a man who was abandoned to foster care at the age of 5 and pulled himself up to the top of his profession, until he made a terrible mistake; and Chance, a dog bred to fight and now at the end of options at the animal shelter.
As the book says, both need a second chance, and in this story they offer it to each other.
Adam has been haunted by his past the deeper he tries to push it. In a single moment circumstances, emotions, and that haunting past have caused him to lose self-control and, in doing so, lose everything else he values. He loses his job, his home, his family, and serves his community service hours working in the kitchen and dining room of a homeless shelter.
Chance doesn't like his life as a fighter, and the first chance he gets, he takes off for the streets. But he finds street life hard and the authorities hard to dodge and ends up in the shelter.
When circumstances bring the two together, both think it is only temporary, but they might need each other more than they think.
A good story and the audio is well done with different readers for the dog and the man.

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